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We have recently expanded into the area of renewable energy, supplying and installing wind turbines and photovoltaic solar cells & hydroelectric generators. Please visit our sister site at for further details.

List of Services

Retail Lighting

With the use of different light filters, lamps and tubes it is possible to enhance the product you display in your shop. This method is proven to increase sales.

Newsagents, department stores, butchers, delicatessens, grocers, jewellers and more can benefit from this. So whether you sell meat or diamonds you should be availing of this tried and tested sales implement.

Different products need different solutions. Sometimes it is possible to achieve the right effect by retaining your existing fittings and just changing the type of lamps or bulbs. 

Garden Lighting

We can design, supply and install your garden lighting for you. We can also install a centrally controlled lighting dimming system which automatically sets the desired scene in you garden of the touch of a button.

As an option we can design a system which uses only low energy long life bulbs and LED light fittings. This means low maintenance, low running cost, environmentally friendly garden lighting while still achieving a designer look.

We have also installed fibre optic lighting underwater in swimming pools and on paved areas. These can be fitted with special accessories such as sparkle wheels to achieve a twinkling effect.
Please view our project gallery to see how our tried and tested outdoor lighting can transform your landscape into something special.

Light Dimming Systems

We design, supply and install centrally controlled lighting dimming systems. The primary systems we use are Lutron, Leax, Mode & Dynalite.

Please have a look at our gallery to see the impressive effect of what is called scene setting (mood lighting).

Emergency Lighting

We can design, supply and install the complete emergency lighting installation for a building. Everything is done to the current standard I.S.3217:2013.

We also do all necessary quarterly and annual maintenance tests & checks for emergency lighting systems. We electronically record and maintain all of the health & safety documentation.

Fire Alarms

We can design, supply and install state of the art fire alarm systems for all commercial and public buildings.

Everything is done to the current standard I.S. 3218:2013. Our test equipment is so modern that we can test every detector and system device in most buildings without the use of a ladder. This is of particular benefit to clients who have busy commercial buildings.
We also do all necessary quarterly and annual maintenance tests & checks for fire alarms. We electronically record and maintain all of the health & safety documentation.

Computer Wiring

We are proficient in the design, supply and install of all communication room, computer and workstation wiring.

We can newly install or upgrade your office computer wiring to standards 5e, 6 or 6e. As part of this we can install comms cabinets, patch panels, RJ45 data points and computer switches.

Wind Turbines

Through our renewable energy division, SkyVolt®, we can design, supply and install your own grid connected electricity generator.

Your generator can be powered by wind, sun or water.

Portable Appliance Testing - PAT

It is now the law that all employers have all of their portable appliances periodically tested. This is called PAT Testing.

These tests results are all recorded electronically. All portable appliances that pass the test get a label adhered to their flex. This identifies to the user that the appliance is safe.

Test records must be kept for 5 years and made available to HSA inspectors. The HSA have the power to issue heavy on the spot fines for non compliance.

Design and Build

Our design department can complete the electrical design for your project without the need you to separately employ the services of an electrical engineer. As part of these service we can supply autocad drawings, power calculations and lighting simulations.

Supply & installation and can be quoted as a separate contract. More and more clients are choosing this option in order to reduce capital outlay.